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Can I borrow anything I find in the catalogue?

Most of the Library’s collection is available to borrow. However, there are books and other materials that cannot be borrowed outside the library, e.g., rare books, dictionaries and encyclopedias, periodicals, unpublished material (such as doctoral dissertations, and theses), as well as other items that have been deemed necessary to remain in the library for special reasons.

For how long can I check library material out?

Depending on the user category you belong to, i.e. student, graduate student, teaching staff, etc., you have different loan duration rights. Also, different lending rules apply to borrowed material, depending on its type and specific user needs, such as normal lending, short-term lending, etc.

I do not belong to the Ionian University community. Can I borrow books?

Members of the wider educational, scientific and research community who live permanently in Corfu, can use the Library's services as external users and if their application is accepted, they obtain a special borrowing card.

Can I borrow journal issues?

Journal issues are not borrowed. Their use is limited to the Library area. However, it is possible to photograph or scan article pages, subject to copyright laws.

Can I borrow dictionaries?

Reference books, i.e. dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, catalogues and basic textbooks of each science, are not borrowed. Their use is limited to the Library area. A three-hour loan of dictionaries is permitted for DFLTI students during the exam period.

What happens if material I have borrowed is damaged or lost?

If Library material that you have borrowed is lost or returned with severe damage, then you must replace it.

How does the Library know that the book I just returned was damaged by me and not by a previous user?

Every time a user borrows and returns a book, a staff member checks its physical condition with corresponding notes on the type and extent of wear and tear. Therefore, you will not be asked to replace material that has not been damaged by you.

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