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Digital Information Sources

Do I need a password to use the Library's online information resources?

Access to the Library's electronic resources is possible through the network of the Ionian University and for most of them no password is needed. For more information contact the Circulation Desk.

Can I access the Library's electronic resources from a computer outside the Ionian University network?

Members of the Ionian University community can access remotely by following the instructions provided for vpn connection

Is there an alternative way to remotely access online resources?

Yes. Besides creating a VPN connection to the Ionian University's network, content from several publishers is currently accessible through Shibboleth, including Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Springer, Emerald, Project Muse, Cambridge University Press (CUP), American Institute of Physics (AIP), American Physical Society (APS) and American Chemical Society (ACS).

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