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Use of the Library and its Services

Do I need a membership card to enter the Library?

The membership card is necessary for borrowing and returning items. It is not necessary for other services of the Library, but it is good to have it with you every time you visit the Library in case you are asked.

External users are required to present their card in order to use the computers.

What should I be aware of when I come to the Library?

Remember that food, drinks, cigarettes, and the use of mobile phones are not allowed in the Library area. Also, if you have bags, briefcases, etc., you must leave them in the special boxes at the entrance of the Library.

Please handle books with respect and love. So keep them clean, and avoid contact with food, liquids, or smoking even at home. Do not underline, mark, crease, tear, or press excessively on the spine. Never pull books by the headband to remove them from the shelf. Do not open them too wide when using them for either reading or photocopying. If they have uncut pages, ask the Loan Office for a paper cutter. Remember that books are a public good.

Respect the Library's area (equipment, furniture, and facilities) and comply with the instructions of the staff.

When you leave the reading room, place the books you have read on the special trolleys and the trash in the basket.

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I am a student of the Ionian University. What do I need to do to register with the Library and have the right to use its materials and services?

To obtain the right to use the Library and the right to borrow material, you must fill out the online application that you will find on the Library’s website to become a member and follow the instructions that you will find there. You must then attend the introductory seminar on the Library's materials and services. Educational seminars are held at the beginning of each academic year, but also throughout the year. Contact the Circulation Office on the operating days and hours.

What is “Ask Us”?

If you have questions, concerns, or requests related to the operation of the Library and the services offered, such as lending, interlibrary loan, user training, searching for material, scientific information, etc. you can address them through the "Ask Us" service.

Requests are answered by the relevant staff members within a reasonable time, depending on their nature, during working days and hours, and users can monitor and control the progress of their requests.

To use the service, select the “Ask Us” link. More instructions as well as the user manual/terms of use of the service can be found at the bottom of the home page of the service.

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